Obesity in women increases the risk of cancer!

 Obesity in women increases the risk of cancer!

  • According to statistical studies, women tend to show higher rates of obesity than men, even though they need to look good and attractive!


Obesity is not a simple disease, but it tends to take on epidemic proportions in our years, with about 211 million European adults having a bodyweight above normal and about a third of European adults being officially classified as obese!


How does body mass index (BMI) indicate the state of our bodies?

 - BMI is an indicator used to measure our weight (for both adults and children)

 - When our BMI is from 18.5 to 24.9, our weight is normal.

- When our BMI is from 25 to 29.9, our weight is slightly above normal and we are classified as overweight.

- When our BMI is above 30, our weight is much higher than normal and we are labeled obese.

- When our BMI is above 40, our weight is abnormally high and in this case, we are referring to an excessive form of obesity that carries a high and immediate risk to our health! The experts at CCS, Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in Newcastle say that if this is the case for you, you should see a doctor immediately and ask about your eligibility for weight loss surgery.

Note: The above values ​​are approximate and only pertain to adults over 20 years old!

 Wrong energy management!

 Basically, obesity is the result of a problematic attempt by the organism to manage the energy it receives from foods and convert it into useful energy that mobilizes all the mechanisms and functions of the body.

 But what is really responsible for this "problematic" effort to metabolize food in the body? Obviously a person's food!

 Attention: in this case, the calorific value of a person's meals is equal to that of metabolized, so that the organism can produce the necessary "fuel" (that is, the energy needed for work), the body weight remains stable. If the calorific value of the meals is higher, the person leads to a gradual increase in his body weight!

Tip: Diets and natural weight loss pills can help manage excess weight!

 Factors leading to women’s body weight increase….

Over the years, the way of life has changed dramatically and together they have changed our eating habits. People stopped eating foods with high nutritional value and turned to fast "fast food" that was high in calories and not healthy at all

 Besides, numerous obligations, limited personal free time, and extreme insecurity (especially women) led to excessive emotional consumption, which gradually changed their body type!


CAUTION: Obesity may increase the risk of premature death by almost 300%!


Tip: Women-focused training studios can help with personal training and individual nutrition

 Obesity and cancer: are they related and how?

 ATTENTION: According to British scientists, obesity can increase the development of cancer in women by up to 40%!

 The main forms of cancer that pose a threat to obese women are:

 *Breast cancer

*Kidney cancer

*Pancreas cancer

*Bowel cancer

Although experts have yet to conclude the relationship between obesity and cancer, they speculate that the answer lies in hormone production by adipocytes (which fuel the disease in this way)!


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