I lost 2 kg in less than two weeks with this simple technique

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Lose weight 

 After dieting for half my life, one thing I've clearly learned is if you focus only on losing weight, it won't do you any good.

The problem is that we consider it just a point to lose weight, our actions continue to be framed in this way.

For example, for the longest time, I've wanted to get back into my skinny self.

I wanted to lose weight fast, so I tried everything, from the egg diet to the fruit diet, to the carb-free diet and so much more.

What happened is that the first two days made my life easy, and the third and the following days became difficult for me.

I'm starting to understand that this isn't the real way to lose weight. I can barely hold on to it how can I even lose weight.

After trying so much, I thought about letting myself eat all the food, poor focus on my workout.

I went from doing 1 hour of yoga for a week to breaking my back the second week.

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After this agonizing recovery, I started with cardio and then moved on to dancing but I can't keep it up.

While I was about to give up, I didn't realize that the shift in diet and exercise made things worse for me.

My cortisol levels went insane, my appetite for food dropped to an all-time low, and my mood swings went from angry to calm in minutes.

After searching a lot on Instagram and Facebook, I realized that the way to lose weight is not like the ones mentioned above.

So, for the experiment, I tried the two simple methods which shocked me with their results and made me healthier and fitter both physically and mentally.

Weight loss duo:

1.Switch to eating vegetables daily and meet once a week

I like meat, but I don't like it very much when it starts affecting my health. I was eating meat every day, and even though I didn't eat much, my weight started to gain.

Eating a lot of meat is causing a disturbance in my body, so I decided to try eating veggies for the next week. When I started, it was hard, but as the days went by, I felt better. I started to feel lighter and did not feel the burden of eating.

When I checked my weight at the end of the week, I lost 800g and this shocked me. I started trying on my tight clothes and realized that I felt. That's when I realized that consuming vegetables makes a difference.

 Imagine losing weight even while eating non-vegetarian food once a week.

2. Quantity control with a small bowl

While vegetables made me lose weight, I upgraded my weight loss process. I started doing portion control. I have this little bowl at home that I keep by my side when I eat. Whether you're consuming rice, curry, meat, or whatever, I use this bowl portion control.

After a week, I began to lose weight in kilograms. I remember I was 76.1kg and with portion control, I was 75.4.

And the best part about all of this is that I lost weight without even knowing it.

I started noticing the difference, I felt lighter, my mood was better, I was happy on the inside.


Isn't that a great sign towards a healthy life?


While these two have helped me lose weight, when it comes to exercise, all I do is walk every day for 45 minutes. I walked normally, not too fast, not too slow.

Results helped. For those with irregular periods, with these tactics, everything will be on the same line.

The complete weight loss program is to eat right and exercise well. Doing extreme exercises will only upset your body. Losing weight is not a task, but rather a step towards taking care of your health.

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This is what worked for me and the reason I'm sharing it, here is that I know the real struggle of losing weight.

If this works for you, let me know in the comments below.


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